Winter holidays resorts in Europe

Winter holidays resorts in Europe

Winter Holidays Resorts in Europe

Winter is really cold and when it comes to this season, it is the best for getaways and making the best out of the coldness instead of sitting around fire all the time in your place, you can get away and have fun with the ice.#

Europe is one of the very best destinations when winter comes, it has the best resorts that will give you the best opportunities whether you are a skier or not, the activities involved are much more than just skiing, some of the involved activities involved include; sledding, horse-drawn sleigh, snowshoeing among many others.

If you are not into this and you just prefer adventure then you will be at the right place still because here are numerous sceneries that will keep you engaged for the whole of your trip time. Here are some of the best resorts in Europe;

Avoriaz France

This is so far the best resort in Europe whether for a family or single visit it is all the same the best. With great slopes for skiing and other very many non-skiing activities available, this ranks as the best resort for families.

It is a car-free village which means you will use more of horse-drawn sleighs in every place you go. This place is loaded with restaurant and cafes not forgetting the numerous shops which offer all your needs when it comes to accommodation and food.

There are quite a number of activities that you can get involved in while in Avoriaz, you can enjoy activities like; snowball fights and wrestling in the snow among many others.

There are indoor activities involved too also which include; water jets an pools among others, if you are not much into skiing or you have decided to tour along with your family then this is the best place to get to.

Zermatt in Switzerland

This is the best snow village in Switzerland with a very good atmosphere. The resort has numerous shops and boutique which you can enjoy shopping during the day.

Other common activities include snowshoeing, ice climbing, skating on ice, ice hockey and many other fun games. The resort has a bar where you can head to for a cold drink direct from ice.

There is an amazing Matterhorn that gives the resort a great background, if you like climbing then this is the best place for you m take your adventure, there is a yearly mountain festival where people climb to the very peak, this can be a very breathtaking activity that you can’t miss.

These entire things make Zermatt tone of the best destinations to go to in Europe.

Breuil-Cervinia in Italy

If you are heading to Italy during winter then this is the place you need to take you and your family to, it is an ideal place you can take your family to enjoy very many great activities which are both skiing and non-skiing.

The resort has great facilities like snow parks and play ground for fun activities; it also has a bar where you can take your drinks as you enjoy the view of snow-filled high rising mountains.

If you are not good with skiing you can enjoy very many attraction which include the best ice caves where you can take your adventure to, you can also board a cable car and head to Chamois, a very old village which has been re innovated to keep the culture of the place and make it more attractive for the visitors.

You can finally come back and get your lunch on the plateau glaciers as you enjoy the best sceneries.

St. Moritz in Switzerland

If you are heading to Switzerland, then this is your favorite resort, well known for skiing, however , the place if full of other activities. You also get the best restaurants and shopping places with all you need.

The best slopes which gives you a good base for skiing, but if you are not so much into skiing you can still go ahead down to these slopes and enjoy the watching the great skills displayed by the skiers, there are also other snow games like croquet hockey.

This place has the best and most luxurious hotels around where you can explore different and unique cooking from the Swiss culture. Enjoy the train ride to the best park in this place.

Seefeld in Austria

This resort is quite universal, both skiers and non-skiers can still fit here. This village offers the best platform when it comes to snow activities like ice skating, paragliding and Nordic walking which will offer you the best experience.

Just because it is winter it does not many people cannot swim, the resort has a swimming pool which is surrounded by snow that gives you the advantage if you like swimming.

You can as well enjoy the best foods from the best local restaurants available and wash down your food with a nice cold beer from the numerous bars that are in this village.

Cortina in Italy

Apart from skiing which seems to be the popular activity her, you will also get a lot of non-skiing activities in Cortina, and that will be adventure, you can get to Falori, one of the very famous dolomites in the world via a cable car.

This place is quite high to give you a very nice view of the well formed landscapes covered in snow. Other places to tour include museums and numerous shopping centers .

What you cannot forget to do is to grab your best meal in the numerous restaurants and hotels that are present in this village. The best and ever open bars will end your day better with a nice drink as you take the best view of the best land formations.

Another great thing is the thick forest which you can take a trek.

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