Cities to Visit in Portugal

Cities to Visit in Portugal

Cities to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is a small but famous country of Europe. It is full of beautiful tourist spots and sites. You will enjoy all those places in Portugal.

Visiting Portugal can give you opportunity to visit a lot of beautiful places. It is the birth land of the one of the greatest footballers of all times “Eusebio”. It is also home land of another great footballer of this era Cristiano Ronaldo. It is a birth land of many famous footballer like Luis Figo, Deco, Jose Mourinho, etc. It’s also because of them, people get attracted to visit Portugal more and more.

All the cities of Portugal are quite beautiful and elegant. You will surely enjoy your time visiting there. In this article we are going to discuss 5 cities to visit in Portugal. Here they are given below:


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It is a city of color, food, wine and light. On every corner of Lisbon, you will find beauty, history and charm.

The Portuguese Capital remains busy all the time, day and night but it has a beauty in its fast life. This city is also popular for the sandy beaches also.

Beaches of Lisbon are quite popular and famous these days. The 2 main are Areia Branca e São Julião and people from all over the world come to visit these beaches. The uncommon beauty of this city will charm you for sure. Lisbon will add some spice to your traveling.

Because of the modern travel system, you will be able to go to from Lisbon to any other part of the country very easily. The night scenario and life of Lisbon is very active, but to live and feel the best at the time of the city festivity, you must have to allow yourself to have experience one of the Santa Catarina street celebration which is an ancient and popular one as like a real inhabitant of Lisbon.

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Sintra is a little town of Portugal. But it is enriched with a huge historical wealth and monuments. Over 10 monuments are located in this city. It can be called as a city of monuments.

As you will find a monument in every corner of the city. These monuments are also attract a lot of tourists to visit this beautiful city. It represents the city with its culture, history, and development.

This city has seen a lot in the past. People all over the world come to visit this place regularly. Those who have interests in monuments and architecture can visit this city. It will increase their knowledge and will help them to fulfill their curiosity at the same time.

Sintra is located 30 KM away from Lisbon. It has a “National Palace” which you should must visit. You can’t miss your chance to visit national palace and learn about their history and culture.

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Porto is a famous and popular city in the North of Portugal. You cannot miss the chance to visit this place while you are in Portugal. Portugal have a lot of beautiful cities which can provide you natural beauty and glamour, but Porto goes further.

The city will charm you at your first glance. You will be amazed to see this beautiful northern city. It is the second largest city of Portugal after Lisbon. It is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage. Porto is becoming one of the most famous and attractive destination of Portugal and Europe.

Porto is located in the North zone of Portugal, this side of Portugal is popular because of their wine. They are producing wines for years now. You can take and drink wine from there by tasting their samples. They allow some tourists to promote their wine. Porto is a busy and crowded city and it doesn’t remain the same at night as it deemed at night.

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Faro and the Algarve region

This side of Portugal is full of beaches and villages. If you love countryside, this is the place you should heading for. There is no better option for the village lovers than this.

This is the best opportunity a tourist can imagine. Faro and Algarve region are mostly crowded because of the beaches. People love Portuguese beaches nowadays. They prefer to go to Algarvian beaches than any other place. This is why you would hardly find any beaches free or uncrowded.

Algarve region can offer you the beauty of seas and beaches and at the same time it can offer you the natural beauty of village sides and rural area. You will find unique and out of the box architecture in these places. You will surely enjoy your time visiting Faro and Algarve region.

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Evora is a renowned city of Portugal. It might not be as popular as Lisbon and Porto. But they are also popular and famous. People come to visit these places a lot for it’s architecture.

Evora is located in the center of the country. Evora is a historical, old and soulful city. It has also a complete past of their history related with catholic religion. This city has some incredible ancient monuments which are being established centuries ago. It is also listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Evora is also known as the “Museum City” because it owns several palaces, churches, and temples. This city also possess monasteries, and various museums which allow the tourists to understand the history and development of this city. Evora is a highly recommended place to visit in Portugal.

There are many other cities in which you can visit and travel. Azores and Madeira should be on your list while traveling to Portugal. These two islands are source of natural beauty. You will surely enjoy visiting the islands.

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