Best beaches in Gran Canary Island

Best beaches in Gran Canary Island

Best beaches in Gran Canary Island

Gran Canaria in is known and loved because of its high quality beaches especially. There are more than 80 beaches in this region and the serene setting of crystal blue waters, white sands and unique trees makes it a top tourist attraction site in the world. If you are looking for a place perfect for beach holiday to go along with your girlfriend or girlfriends, Gran Canaria will be worth your time and any money you will use.

The beaches in the Canary Islands are fully equipped with modern resorts. From the volcanic sands to the awesome beaches, this place will make your holiday more than memorable. To make the work easier for you, I give you the best beaches in Gran Canary Islands.

Anfi Del Mar

Just like many beaches in Gran Canaria, this beach is man- made. If you are hoping to be in a beautiful place where you can take pictures that are going to leave all your Instagram followers jealous, then this is exactly the place visit.

Anfi del Mar is by far the prettiest beach in the Gran Canaria. You can be sure of experiencing a moment to remember in this south-west island. The beach overlooks the exotic palm trees and the floral display along with turquoise waters of the ocean makes this place even more comfortable.

Make sure to start with this one before you explore the other Gran Canary islands. There accommodation in this region is quite affordable so you have nothing to worry about where to stay.

Las Maspalomas

The second largest beach in the region stands among the best when it comes to the best beaches in the Canary Islands. The beach is famously known for the dunes that everybody traveling to the Canary Islands has to witness.

The dunes are a beautiful experience but they need to be visited carefully as they are very fragile ecosystems. There are usually 3 routes that curious visitors like you can use to explore the place. It is a fun experience especially to those who have adventurous spirits.

There is still more to do in maspalomas, make sure to visit the place before you leave and find out what more to this magnificent beach.

Playa de Mogan

Now this is a place you must visit when you are touring the Canary Islands. The island is located in Puerto de Mogan and it features a fascinating bay as well as a port. The crystal clear waters, mild winds as well as the golden sands makes Playa de Mogan a place to observe fish as you sunbathe and enjoy the moment.

The beach is fully equipped with everything that you need to make your holiday memorable. Enjoy your moment relaxing on the sunshades and sunbeds and take your time to try out adventuring with the available canoes. The place also offers variety of foods and drinks that are good for the body and the soul as it is well-prepared by experts.

There are kiosks scattered around so you can be sure to buy a thing or two and promote the local economy.

Puerto Rico

Heard of Puerto Rico? I mean you must have heard it from the hit song by Louis and Justin Bieber, Despacito. Well, this is not the Puerto Rico we are talking about here, but just like Puerto Rico the country, this fascinating beach has a Caribbean flavor into it.

The palm trees are in plenty and the azure sky as well as the golden sunshine makes this place one of the best places to be when you are touring the Canary Islands.

There is just so much to do in Puerto Rico but it is the relaxation feel that makes it even more unique. You can take a break from the beach and travel around to meet the locals who are very friendly by the way.


When you have had enough of Puerto Rico, you can try out amadores and see what it has to offer. The beach is located just 20 minutes from Puerto Rico if you walk alongside the picturesque clifftop path.

Amadores is by far the sunniest beach in the Canary Islands so if you looking for a perfect place to sunbathe then this is the one. Each and every year the sun warms the white sands and the shallow turquoise waters which makes it a perfect place for sunbathing.

Amadores is equipped with many restaurants and other facilities that makes it even perfect for a family trip. There is much to do when you are in amadores, you can go diving if are a fan, try out snorkeling or even rent a pedalo. The holiday apartments in this place are generally more affordable and you can be sure of having a memorable holiday when you visit amadores.

Playa Guayedra

This beach is an excellent place to be during your holiday but it can be a little bit uncomfortable for a family holiday because of the sometimes there are a number of nudists who visit the beach from time to time. However, this is a perfect place to be for all nature lovers as it has everything to offer.

The natural landscape of the rock cliffs and the uplifting flora and fauna, makes Playa Guayedra a perfect location to watch the sun rise and set. The beach is located just some minutes’ drive from Agaete town in the Guayedra valley. It is actually one of the prettiest beach in the Canary Islands.

As we have already established there are more than 80 beaches in the Canary Islands so your options are not limited to the above mentioned beaches. You can try as many beaches as you want.

Top Hotels in Gran Canary Island

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Gran Canaria Mogan★★★★★--View Hotel
Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel★★★★-10% 135 122View Hotel
Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa★★★★--View Hotel
Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel★★★★--View Hotel
Palm Oasis Maspalomas★★★--View Hotel
Lopesan Baobab Resort★★★★★--View Hotel
BULL Reina Isabel & SPA★★★★--View Hotel
Bungalows Cordial Green Golf★★--View Hotel
Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa★★★★-11% 167 149View Hotel
H10 Playa Meloneras Palace★★★★★--View Hotel

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