Travelling Europe by Train

Travelling Europe by Train

Travelling Europe by train

Travelling Europe by train is comfortable, inspiring and romantic. Some travelers even consider the experience as magical and to those who lives in countries where traveling by train is not common can find it mysterious. If you are considering travelling to Europe sometime soon, we give you top reasons why you should do it by train.


Travelling by train is the most convenient way to travel Europe. While travelling by train you can forget about traffic jams, security checks and even border control! Some people think that driving through Europe will make them reach their destination faster but you choose your train routes carefully and wisely you will beat driving by far.

Considering the fact that there are no security checks, pre- departure deadlines and costly drives to the airport travelling by train offers a better way to travel Europe than flying and probably even faster. There is always that good feeling of coming in the last minute and hoping in the train and in ten minutes time your journey starts and if you have a Schengen visa there are high chances you will not need to be pulling out your visa each and every time you are at a border.

The train station locations

Most train stations in Europe are located right in the heart of the best cities so once you arrive at your destination, it will probably be a walking distance from the station to where you booked your accommodation. So if you are planning the trip on a tight budget, save yourself the troubles of having to hire expensive cabs to take you to your accommodation from the airport.

Travelling by train is the most social way to travel

Let us be honest here, how many times do you talk to your neighbor while you are flying? The last time I flew I spent 10 hours on the plane and I did not say even say a single word to my neighbor nor did he to me. Maybe I am weird but I believe I am not the only one.

Many people rarely talk to their neighbors during a flight and it has become like tradition so most people have no problem travelling with a person for hours without having to exchange a word. But this is not the case when you are travelling by train. I have travelled by train severally and I don’t remember even a single time that I arrived at my destination without making one or two friends.

You will always meet lovely and social people while you are travelling by train. Share some travel tales with your neighbors as you move from city to city.

Trains are spacious

If you have the money you can opt for first class travel and the chances are very high that you will not need to share a cabin with other people. And even when you opt for second class travel you will still have more than enough space.

You can stretch out, read your copy of a song of ice and fire, watch avengers endgame on your laptop but you will need to use your headphones for this, and wonder around the train when you feel like it. The comfort that comes along with travelling by train cannot be compared with any other mode of transport.
Travelling by train comes along with awesome facilities.

The European trains are the most sophisticated and they come fully equipped with facilities that will make your journey fun instead of tiresome. Many of the trains have facilities like Wi-Fi, power sockets so you have nothing to worry about your phone going off, and dining carts among other facilities. You can also be sure to have some delicious meals as you travel at very affordable price.

The scenery

If you have traveled by train before then you understand the feeling that one gets gazing outside the window of a train. The experience is even more phenomenal if you are gazing on an unfamiliar location where you have never seen most of the things before.

If you are travelling Europe for the first time then you are going to enjoy each and every moment you look outside the window. There is much to see as you travel in this amazing continent. The beautiful cities like Berlin, the deep green forests in Italy, the blue lakes, and many other things makes a beautiful scenery that you are going to enjoy throughout your journey.

The good thing about travelling by train is that the trains’ speed is normally very convenient to allow you to take in the beautiful scenery from ground level. And unlike traveling by bus or other means, you don’t need to keep gazing through the window because the large windows of the train are going to help you enjoy a panoramic view without much struggles. Many train routes takes you through awesome terrains and provides you with the best scenery.

Cost and flexibility

Even with all the improved things about train travelling, nothing has changed about the price because they are still the most affordable way to travel from city to city but of course with the exception of the most recent high speed fancy trains which are a little bit pricey. If you opt for the “normal” train and buy a ticket from the station you can be sure of saving good amounts of cash that you can use to do other fun stuff during your trip.

The vast European rail network

The railway network in Europe is incredible and you can be sure of accessing even the most remote corners of the continent when you are using train to travel. You don’t have to pass through Europe’s big cities in order to have fun. There is still you can enjoy in the small towns. A trip by train will surely be a memorable one.


Absolutely! Thanks for sharing your insightful blog about the joys of traveling Europe by train. It’s clear that train travel offers a unique and enriching experience, from the convenience of city-center stations to the social atmosphere onboard. Plus, the scenic views and affordability make it a fantastic choice for adventurers. Happy travels!

Absolutely, I’ve read through your blog about traveling Europe by train, and it’s brimming with enthusiasm for the journey! I couldn’t agree more with the points you’ve highlighted.

First off, convenience is key, and trains offer a hassle-free way to traverse Europe without the stress of traffic or airport security. Plus, the central locations of train stations make it a breeze to hop off and start exploring the heart of each city right away.

And let’s talk about the social aspect – there’s something special about striking up conversations with fellow travelers as you journey from city to city. Unlike the somewhat isolating experience of air travel, trains foster a sense of camaraderie that can turn strangers into friends by the end of the trip.

Space and comfort are also paramount when it comes to train travel. Whether you’re treating yourself to first-class luxury or opting for a more economical second-class ticket, there’s ample room to relax, unwind, and enjoy the ride. Plus, with onboard amenities like Wi-Fi and dining carts, you’re all set for a comfortable journey from start to finish.

Of course, let’s not forget about the scenery – nothing beats the breathtaking views you’ll encounter as you glide through Europe by train. From charming cities to picturesque landscapes, every moment offers a new vista to behold. And thanks to the expansive rail network, you can explore even the most remote corners of the continent with ease.

And last but not least, the affordability and flexibility of train travel make it an ideal choice for budget-conscious adventurers. With options to suit every pocket, you can save money on transportation and splurge on unforgettable experiences along the way.

All in all, traveling Europe by train is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s a journey filled with convenience, camaraderie, comfort, and captivating scenery. Thanks for sharing your insights, and here’s to many more memorable train adventures in the future!

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