Top 5 attractions to visit in London this Summer

Top 5 attractions to visit in London this Summer

Top 5 attractions to visit in London this summer.

London is an epic city and there is so much to see and do in the Britain capital that we cannot exhaust the list. This great city is one of the most visited places in the world with over fifteen million people visiting the city each and every year. London has everything you need to make your summer trip the most memorable.

There are a lot of entertainment centers in the city and when it comes to music we all know that London is the greatest, I mean it is the home of the Beatles!

London also offers great concentrations of cultural attractions from the ancient churches to the great museums. If you are a soccer fan you can be sure to watch some of the best soccer being played in London stadiums by famous football clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea. I mean there is just too much to see in London that you can’t exhaust the places even in one week.

The best thing about visiting London is the fact that most of the best places to visit are free. There are many tourist attractions which you can visit when in London but in this article we are going to cover the top five.

Buckingham Palace.

There is no doubt that the Buckingham palace is the top attraction site in London. Every person that you ask will tell you that the Buckingham palace is the best.

The palace is made up of some of the most iconic buildings and one of the most popular thing to see in Buckingham is the changing of guards. As most things to see in London, witnessing the guards match and play awesome music is free and you can even follow the band as it March between sites.

This palace was built in the 19th century and it has been the home for the royals since Queen Victoria came into power.

If you want to know when her majesty is home, you can check at the flag post that is at the top of the building and if the royal standard is not flying then she is not home. If you happen to be in London during some special occasion, you can be in luck to witness her majesty live as she and other royals may show up on the central balcony.

When the Queen is not in the Buckingham palace, visitors can buy tickets and get to tour the queen’s gallery. Take a Buckingham palace tour with a guide who will explain to you all about the history of the place and by the time you are done touring the palace, you will be more knowledgeable than you were before the tour and of course you will have fun.

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

The tower of London has been around for centuries and during those years, it has fulfilled different purposes like a treasure vault, private zoo among other purposes. This magnificent building offers answers to the curious visitors who wants to know more about the country.

The tower was built back in 1078 and it still amazes me how it has managed to stay strong for all those years. The Tower will appeal your eyes once you set them on the display of armor and ornaments that were used by the kings!

You can also be sure to check out other highlights that takes the attention of the visitors like the royal mint, beefeaters and the crown jewels exhibition. The tower bridge on the other hand is a 200 feet tall tower that rises above River Thames and it is a well- known landmark and something that you must see while in London.

For excellent use of your time, make sure to purchase your entrance ticket in advance especially during this busy periods and it will save you so much time as you will not have to line up to get the ticket and it also comes at a lower price.

British Museum.

I don’t think there is any other museum in the world that contains as many ancient world artifacts as the British museum.

The museum contains more than 13 million artifacts and it is even difficult to know where to go first. Most tourists starts with the display of the Elgin marbles so you might want to consider beginning with that too since they are the most famous display in the museum.

There is still a lot to see as that is just one of the 13 million. Just make sure that you don’t leave the museum without setting your eyes on Rosetta stone, colossal bust of Ramesses II and the famous Egyptian mummies artifacts

The Parliament and Big Ben.

If you have watched movies filmed in London you must have noticed the giant clock and a resounding bell (named Ben). Well, if you have, that is what is called the Big Ben and now renamed to Elizabeth Tower. Below the Big Ben (The bell) are the fascinating parliament buildings of Westminster where the Britain government has been holding their seating for centuries and a building that was once occupied by William the conqueror himself.

Tour of the parliament buildings will offer you a chance to see live debates from the able English politicians.

National Gallery.

The national gallery ranks as one of the top art museum in the world.

The national gallery located in London represents some of the best European paintings of the period 1260 to 1920. The museum contains collections of Italian schools as well as Dutch masters from the 15th and 16th centuries when art was art.

Some of the art that is going to grab your attention is sketch of Madonna and child by the famous artist from Florence, Leonardo da Vinci himself!


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