One day in Valencia Spain, what to do?

One day in Valencia Spain, what to do?

One day in Valencia Spain, what to do?

Valencia has great things to offer, the excellent foods, the sunshine, beaches among other things. Travelling through Valencia in 24 hours can be a little bit tricky considering the fact that Valencia is the 3rd largest city in the country. But sometimes time can be against you and all you have is 24 hours. If that is the case, this article is for you.

Yes there is a lot see and do but one day can still provide you with ultimate fun and satisfaction. The beautiful beaches are among the things that makes Valencia a top tourist destination but there is more to the city than the beaches.

Things to do in Valencia in one day

If you just have just 24 hours to tour Valencia, it means you have to decide on what you most want to see or do. Is it to enjoy the amazing food or is it to witness the magnificence of the historical buildings? One of the main advantage of touring Valencia is that you can get to witness many of the attraction sites while you are walking around because most of them are in close proximity. Get an idea of the options you have and choose the best things to do in your limited time. Check them out:

Explore the Plazas

There are several plazas that you can explore in Valencia but the most common one is Plaza de la Reina. Watch people while relaxing in a shade but if that is not your kind of thing, you can try out Plaza Lope de Vega and get to see the narrowest building in the entire continent of Europe. The streets that surrounds the plazas usually have lots of cafes and restaurants so you can be sure of eating high quality foods at a cheaper price.

The Central Market

People are different, there are those who are really not interested in the big attraction sites or things like that and they just want to get an insight of how the residents of Valencia operates in their day to day activities. If you are the person I describe, then the central market is the place to be. Inside this historical market, you will get to interact with the locals who are very friendly and find all kinds of foodstuffs being sold at a very affordable price. You can buy something from the market or you can just wander and see the people. In case you get hungry while still in the market don’t despair because there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can find something to eat. Or you can just buy some fruits from the foodstuffs section in the market and take a bite that will help you keep moving.

Visit the Valencia Cathedral

One of the oldest building in the entire city is something that you owe yourself to see. The cathedral dates back to the 13th century and it has been standing strong since then. If you can squeeze in some few minutes and climb to the top of MIguelete bell tower, you can be sure of a better view of the city. Some people believe that the Valencia cathedral hold the Holy Grail you might consider entering the building and see for yourself if the claims are true.

Visit the City of Arts and Sciences

Make sure that your 24 hours does not end before you visit the Valencia arts and sciences buildings. These 6 buildings are located at the end of the Turia gardens. Since 1990, when the buildings were constructed, they have been a top tourist attraction and you should not be left out, add them to your plans. Still in the same place, visit L’Hemisferic that is built like a human eye. Inside it contains a 3D projection cinema where you can enjoy a top film in the language of your choosing. You can also visit the Prince Philip Science Museum and get to witness a collection of opera house, a theatre and an exhibition space.

Enjoy the moment the Turia Gardens

Turia River ran through the city of Valencia in the past but in 1950 due flooding, the river caused destructions to the city and it had to be diverted to outside Valencia. Instead of witnessing the river, there is something even better in the city now. The Turia Park is one of the largest park in Europe and you can be sure of getting maximum fun while you stroll through the garden and take pictures that will be bringing memories for all the years to come. Since you only have one day, and you need to explore more things, hiring a bike to explore the place will be a better option than walking through the garden because I have said, it is one of the biggest in Europe. The park is divided into 4 areas, i.e. a sports facilities, royal gardens and a botanical garden.

Try out the amazing Vegan Paella

This excellent version of a famous dish that is found in almost every corner of the country, originated in Valencia so you can be sure the one found here is simply the best. There are quite a few restaurants that offers this great dish but to get the best of the best, look for one that is full of Spaniards. The restaurants that are close to the city center are a little bit pricey so you might want to consider wandering a little bit further when you are searching for a perfect vegan paella at a cheaper price. No matter which country you come from, you are going to enjoy the amazing vegan paella that is prepared in Valencia.

Top Hotels in Valencia City Center

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Hotel RH Sorolla Centro★★★-9% 131 120View Hotel

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