5 Best Cruises for Couples

5 Best Cruises for Couples

5 best cruises for couples

Cruising is the most common thing that is related with romance and it is the best getaway trip for the couples because of its privacy. It is a good time to have fun just for two of you with nobody else around.

Sometimes choosing the right cruise or the best one isn’t a simple thing to do. For your perfect getaway in a cruise, you would want a facility that is not stuffy and crowded with unnecessary things and furniture.

Romance cruises are normal characterized by fewer things, mostly made for two with private balconies and special dinners. Here are some of the best cruises that you can consider using as a couple for your get away;

Princess Cruise

This originates from a fleet known as grand-class ships. This is the smallest of all, which is why it is best for a couple, the small balconies and the sizable areas make it perfect for a romantic couple.

The cruise consists of a great deck lounge and full water services, the cruise has a spa too where there is massage included. The dining is arranged in in different ways, mostly traditional method or an open system can b used too, the balconies of the cruise have a convenient space where you can have your dinner.

A lobster dinner can be arranged if you pay more where you will be treated with a romantic breakfast just in your private cabin. The foods here mostly involve grills and seafood, with an addition of cocktails to stir up your romance. You can also take the best views of the ocean as you float on water.

Windstar cruise

This particular one can act as a cruise or just a normal sail boat. It is a bland between traditional methods of construction and the modern which gives it a hybrid characteristic the cruise is bigger, it carries 130 passengers, however, there is a private area on the balcony where the couples can use.

The cruise gives you the best spot out at the bacon a favorite and quiet place that is private for your romantic experience. If you feel like you cannot sit on the outer part due to adverse weather, you can as well get inside to the compass rose longue to get the privacy you need instead of mixing with other passenger, this longue has great romantic music for the two of you.

The cruise has a veranda which is private and has grill services and other choices from the menu. When the night comes, it becomes even better, you will enjoy a romantic dinner with candles lit where you will enjoy the best current food and may other on the menu.

Azamara club cruises

This is a bit different; you will get a two-day cruise; this is the best because you will get enough time to have fun. There fun activities like ballroom dancing or watch the sunset in the evening.

You can also be able to book the very private places in the cruise for an extra charge, in this private places category, you will enjoy a private room and dinner for just the two of you, and you can light the candles if you wish.

There is a canopy bed that is provided just for fun, you can lay there arte as you view the best sights of the ocean.

The open sitting restaurant has the tables for two if you have not booked for a private places category. I you want a better restaurant, you can go for a different available alternative which is known as the “ Italian Aqualina” it has a special dinner which includes barbecue ribs among many other options.

4. Regent Seven Seas Cruise

This is the home of all luxury when it comes to ships. The cruise fare covers everything you do here including meals and so you don’t have to worry about that and the limit you should take.

The ship features a gym and a pool which are private for you and your partner, you can also decide to visit what is called the observation lounge where you will enjoy the view of the beautiful sceneries outside and the most interesting is that there is a cooking class for both of you if you wish.

When it comes to dinner for two, the tables for two are easily available and the food is quite tasty with a lot of varieties and cooking styles. Making reservation for other venues in this ship is free; you don’t need to pay anything more than what you paid as your cruise fare.

The best thing about this cruise is that unlike others, the cruise fare you pay is all inclusive, you don’t need to pay for anything more even if you are changing your venue.

Celebrity Cruise

This is a specific ship for couples and individual adults, this means that families are not catered for on this ship; this is because the ship features mostly parties which may not be ideal for a family but just for couples.

This cruise has the best restaurants on board which have the best foods and well arranged tables for two for a perfect romantic getaway.

Some of the food included in the menu in this restaurant is; caviar, escargots, foie gras and many others, you can enjoy this food at the very back of the ship as you admire the view outside with your partner

To conclude on this, you can appreciate that cruises have a special way of rekindling the romance. It is a very good way of having fun together with your loved one in private and enjoying the moment without any disturbance.

When choosing a cruise, make sure you understand well the packages offered and if they are covered in the cruise fare or not, this will help you to know what package to chose.


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