7 days in Dubai what to do?

7 days in Dubai what to do?

7 days in Dubai what to do?

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Dubai is the popular city of United Arab Emirates. It is a renowned city of the world. A huge number of people travel every year to Dubai to visit the beautiful city. It is a dream city of many of us. We really enjoy ourselves in a place like Dubai.

Dubai is a place where people won’t get tired of visiting. Though the temperature will make you uncomfortable and will disturb you a lot, but ultimately you will forget all these troubles after getting many things to do in Dubai. This article is all about those information.

Here is the ideal plan of your traveling days in Dubai given below:

Day 1 – The fancy and glamorous Dubai

Dubai city is well known for its fancy and glamour. People all over the world are well aware of this fact. This is why people travel to Dubai these days a lot. To enjoy the glamour of this city. You will be connected to this city right after you landed in Dubai. It will surely mesmerized you by its beauty and glamour. Dubai city is also very neat and clean. So you will also like the cleanliness out there. Dubai is becoming a famous spot for travelers these days because of it. People find this city attractive and glamorous. This is why you should visit the Dubai city on the first day.

Day 2 – Dubai Marina & JBR

Dubai Marina is a western-friendly place. People of foreign countries like this place because of these. Dubai is not a place like any western country. So the western people don’t find it worthy enough to visit. But after visiting Dubai Marina and JBR, the foreigners change their mind and view. They love to visit the beach of Dubai Marina. This place is a bit far away from Dubai City. You have to take a metro to reach their. You cannot find metro easily because this place is changing their name constantly. So it is very tough to find what the name of this place is right now for the travelers.

Day 3 – The Palm, Kite Beach & Jumeirah

Kite beach is the best option for visiting for the foreigners from the western country. They will find this place more attractive. As there are a lot of foreigners who will be find every time you will go there. Kite beach is in Jumeirah. It is also a place to visit. You can go to Jumeirah first and after visiting Jumeirah, you can start visiting from Kite beach to the palm. It is a palm shaped island. You will be delighted after watching this place. The palm island is an ideal place to visit and complete our third day in Dubai. For the next day, you need to be prepared for visiting old Dubai. You will have a clear idea about how Dubai was a few years ago.

Day 4 – Old Dubai

Old Dubai is a favorite place for people who travel from Asia. They find some energy out there in soulless Dubai. Dubai is beautiful and glamorous but the place is not very entertaining. It is kind of bore. But in old Dubai, you will find life and energy which will wash away all the boredom and make you feel good inside. In old Dubai, most of the inhabitants are Indians and Arabs. There is a place named Bastiqaya. This place is full of Indian people who will add energy to your lifeless tour in Dubai. You must visit the Dubai Museum there. It is a great place to visit.

Day 5 – Dubai off the beaten track

You can’t go according to your plan every time. Sometimes you will lose track while traveling. So you need to fill that lacking on another day. The places you missed out to visit should be checked in this day. You can go to those places where you couldn’t go because of some particular reasons. You can also visit the camel race place. Camel race are very famous in Dubai. It is an interesting sport. You will enjoy the camel race for sure. There you will also find horse racing in Meydan. It is also very delightful to watch. You can visit these places on day 5.

Day 6 – The camel market of Al Ain

Dubai is also famous for their camels. They supply camel all over the world. It is because of their deserts, you will find a huge number of camels there. The camel market is also a worthy place to visit. The camel market of Al Ain is very popular for selling and buying camels. You will find different types of camels out there in the market. You will also find various sizes of camels in Al Ain. So, this place is also highly recommended to visit. This place will surely fill your hunger to see camels in Dubai. Otherwise, you will be unhappy and sad.

Day 7 – Day trip to Abu Dhabi

This is the last day of your tour in Dubai. So, you can start off the day by traveling to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. You can take a day trip to Abu Dhabi and after the trip, you can return from the Abu Dhabi airport to your country. This is the best last day plan you can get. You can enjoy the view of the deserts while taking a day trip to Abu Dhabi. You will be lost in the nature of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This day trip can make you love your whole trip. You will fall in love with this beautiful and glamorous city named Dubai. You can complete your Dubai trip after reaching Abu Dhabi.

It will surely be an unforgettable journey for you. It will remain in your mind for years.

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